El Médano, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, España

If you prefer a more leisurely pace because, after all, you have a family and a job to go back to at the end of your vacation, we feel the same way. In Tenerife there are hundreds of km of pistas so you can log some serious mileage while exploring the most remote corners of the island. It is a rather steep island with unique geographical features, so you will be surprised how much elevation you can cram into any ride.
Our tours are not too short. Not too long. Just right. Keep in mind that we will be riding as high as 2300 meters so, unless you were raised by Nepalese sherpas, pace yourself or you will burn yourself out. Also, if you believe fire roads present no technical difficulties, think again. Let us show you how beautiful this island is and, at the same time, how multi-faceted it is. From the otherworldly contrast of black and red lava flows of Arenas Negras, to the jungle of Anaga, to the cliffs and tidepools of the Medano/Los Abrigos area, we have something to suit pretty much anybody. We can tailor a tour according to any physical and skill level, but it is no stroll down the beach…
Do you ride marathon or long-distance? Contact us and we we will create rides based on your needs of mileage and elevation.

Our Cross-Country Tours



Friday September 15th, 2017


Friday September 15th, 2017