El Médano, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, España

Rocks, Shocks and Dirty Socks

Snippets of Fluyendo riding and living…

Mountain biking would not be what it is without mountain bikers

(the truest of truisms)…

If I was not lucky enough already to share one more ride with Bostjan today, on our way up we got to meet our friend Pat (who is not in the picture because he took it) and these two Irish gentlemen, one of which threw me off at first courtesy of his Tenerife wife beater. We talked about the EWS, the UFC and everything in between. They had been exploring the island on a YT Capra and a Giant Trance with admittedly half-assed plans, carrying 15 kg on their backs and sleeping in ditches on the side of the road. But they were having a blast.
So I guess it does not matter if you go self-supported or guided, if you are from Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium or Italy, what we all savored today is the same feeling of discovery and adventure that is the foundation of mountain biking; the fuel that makes our wheels keep turning…

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