El Médano, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, España

IMG_6231RETThe word Fluyendo is the present continuous of the Spanish verb ‘fluir‘, to flow. It is the dynamic state of motion that makes riding bikes so amazing and, at the same time, the philosophy we embraced as our way of living.

Fluyendo started as an idea soon after Daniele and Silvia moved to Tenerife and met long-time resident, and fellow expat, Leonardo. After extensive riding and trail-side brainstorming, The Canary Islands’ potential as a world-class destination became apparent as well as the need for expert local guiding to navigate through its maze of fire roads and natural singletrack. Therefore, it only made sense that Leo’s deep knowledge of the islands would merge with Daniele’s experience as a group leader and Silvia’s invaluable help with the logistics to lay down Fluyendo’s foundations and principles. Since then, the original idea has been evolving, adapting and flowing, but the bottom line is that we want you to arrive as a customer and leave as a friend, all while riding on world-class trails. Our guides speak English, Italian and Spanish, and are MIAS-certified MTB guides and hold First-Aid certification.

DCIM100GOPRO Daniele is Fluyendo’s factotum: main guide, mechanic, photographer, videographer… When he is not bragging about having worked at Santa Cruz Bicyles as Quality Control Senior Inspector, he is busy telling you all about Tenerife’s rocks, plants and animals. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences with focus on bird biology and raptor migration and a Master’s in Marine Science, studying shark biology in California. Does that relate directly to mountain biking? Maybe not so much, but isn’t it great to learn a little about nature on this wonderful island between shredding sessions? He also has a lot of experience as camp leader and logistics manager for nature conservation projects (WWF, LIPU, CTS), so he can keep a group together and happy, making sure everybody is safe, and is sociable enough so you have the most fun on any given day. He is also the Race Referee for the Mongolia Bike Challenge. He is the main guide in Tenerife.

If Daniele is “the Legs” of Fluyendo, Silvia is definitely “the Brain” (and quite a good one at that!). She holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology but soon grew out of the lab-rat lifestyle, so she dropped pipettes, Petri dishes, microscopes and applied her organizing skills during Fluyendo’s developing stages. Although no longer involved full-time, she still takes time off from teaching math, chemistry and physics to update our website, help with the logistics and drive Daniele and Leonardo on their quest to find the ultimate trail. Also, if you receive a polite and timely answer to your email, it is probably her…

24052014-DSC_6375Leonardo is the MTB Zen Master and dad of two future MTB champions, Lorenzo and Mario. Also referred to as Leopedia, his knowledge of the island’s caminos and pistas reaches “Level Guanche” (the aboriginal people who lived here before the Spanish conquest). He has been riding BMX, freeride, DH and Enduro all his life, so have fun trying to chase his tail. His bike skills are unparalleled, as is his sharp, Tuscan-heavy sense of humor. Do not worry if you do not speak Italian, though, it always transpires one way or another. Oh, he also makes the best pizza south of Naples. He is currently the main guide in Gran Canaria, but is always happy to take the short ferry ride back to Tenerife to ride in his old stomping ground.